A Pinktastic Party

We're tickled pink
and thrilled to say
It's a Pinkalicious Party for
Leah's 4th birthday!

When Leah requested a Pinkalicious party for her 4th birthday, she and Molly also requested dresses made by Mom. The girls looked through their Pinkalicious books and picked out the dresses to replicate. Leah's dress is inspired by the classic Pinkalicious dress, while Molly's is inspired by the nightgown in Silverlicious.

Pinkalicious girls

A Pinkalicious party must include a reading of the original Pinkalicious book.

Reading Pnkalicious

Leah didn't care for all of our cries of "no peeking" when playing Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake.

No peeking

The girls decorated pink wands.

Nice wand, Matilda

And then played Pinkalicious Bingo.

Pinkalicious Bingo

Aunt EA and Uncle Scott continued their tradition of cards including audio. And like before, it's a favorite. Someone else took a video of the same card, if you're interested in what it is.

Great card

All eyes on Leah. Well, except JJ.

Still opening

Leah's wanted some Stompeez ever since Molly got a pair, so she was very excited to get this pair. She actually ended up getting two different pairs for her birthday, and she loves them both.


I love birthday parties just as much as my girls, since it's a creative outlet for me too. :)


We all wore pink for the occasion - even Chad!

Pink family

JJ made sure Pinkalicious's little brother, Peter, was represented. Apparently JJ had an important call to make (or maybe it's that he loves listening to his daddy's music!).

Phone call

The My Little Pony purse and wand are just Uncle Scott's size.

Manly man

The morning of her actual birthday meant more presents - this time from our Alabama visitors. Leah is the very proud owner of this Sofia the First book.

So proud

She requested a fancy 4th birthday dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes from Oh, What a Cake! It was nice to have quiet dinner after a busy birthday weekend.

Cupcakes and candles

You can see all the pictures from the birthday weekend on Flickr.

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