Our 1-day vacation

I've been asked several times recently, "What did you do this summer?" We moved. Period. End of story.

However, we did take advantage of the beautiful summer we've been having and took a day trip to our favorite nearby theme park, Dutch Wonderland. We began our adventures above the park on the Sky Ride.

Dutch Wonderland

We then hopped on the Joust Family Coaster. Despite doing OK on it last year and looking excited to do it this year, Leah did not enjoy the ride.

Joust Family Coaster

Molly, on the other hand, loved the little coaster.


Both girls enjoyed the Leapin' Frogs.

Leapin Frogs

The Panda Party was fun too.

Panda Party

They got to ride a pony as well. Molly took the larger one.

Pony ride

Leah took the smaller pony, which was just the right size for her.

Little pony

The Fun Slide is one of the girls favorite things to do.

Fun Slide

They didn't miss the Merry-Go-Round either. And yes, that's me on it with them (this picture sponsored by Dramamine).


Ride on, Leah

We ate lunch at Merlin's Restaurant. After lunch, Merlin did a magic trick for Molly that amazed her.


Leah was sure that she would not be outsmarted by the trick, but to her surprise the ball in her hand magically became two.

Tricked again

Leah wasn't big enough to ride the Flying Trapeze yet, but Molly and Chad had fun on it.

Flying Trapeze

Unlike the little girl next to her, Molly was excited to ride the Frog Hopper. After the ride, Molly looked a little less excited and a little more nauseous.

Frog Hopper

The girls may not look it, but they're actually aspiring monster truck drivers.

Off-road Rally

We took in a high-diving show of the frog prince. It included some impressive diving from the frogs and the princess.

Frog Prince

Molly had fun on the Wonder Whip, though perhaps less so than she had last year with her buddy.

Wonder Whip

We went for a drive on the Sunoco Turnpike. Leah and I took one car and Molly and Chad took the next.

Sunoco Turnpike

A nice, relaxing drive.

Under the bridge

To end our day, we took a ride on the monorail.

Monorail ride

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    Awesome fun trip! Love all of the photos!

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