New year, new school

Molly enjoyed meeting her 1st grade teacher and seeing the classroom last Friday. Mrs. Seldon is new to the school this year, so she was especially welcoming to Molly as a new student to the school too.

Meeting Mrs. Seldon

Monday was the first day of school. Molly's ready to go to her first day of first grade. New year, new school - can't wait.

First day of first grade

Molly is now a walker, as we live right by the school. She was excited, so she ended up walking in front of us - backwards.

Walking to school

A bunch of the neighborhood kids met up on the walk to school to take a neighborhood picture. There are so many kids in our neighborhood. Amazingly, 4 of these girls are even in the same class - Molly, the girls on either side of her, and the girl on the end with the polka-dot skirt. They all live within a few houses of one another.

Neighborhood kids

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