We’re on our way, first grade!

Molly's school held a kindergarten promotion ceremony last week. Molly was selected as one of three kindergartners to introduce the whole program. All the classes performed on stage.

Kindergarten promotion

After the ceremony, we headed to Molly's classroom to pick her up and take a picture or two. Leah went right to the carpet with the kids to be with her sister.

Classroom pickup

Ms. Colella made it official. Kindergarten - check! We have loved Molly's teacher and we'll be sad to be leaving her.

It's official

To complete the year, here's a picture of Molly waiting for the bus on her last day of kindergarten. This was also her last day to ride the bus to school for five years, as she'll be a walker when we move into our new house.

Last day of school

And just for fun, here's a comparison picture of her first and last day of kindergarten. I'm amazed at how much she's grown over the school year, physically as well as making huge strides in her reading, writing, and math skills.

FirstLastDayofK Molly

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