Pretty ballerinas

For this year's ballet recital, Leah and her class were snowflakes dancing to "Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Winter." She did great… at the rehearsal, which is where these pictures are from. At the actual performance, she was in a mood and refused to do most of the dance. Ah, 3 year olds.

Ballet recital

Snowflakes fall.

Snowflakes fall

Happy ballerina

Happy ballerina

And… bow.


Molly and her class danced to "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.


Nice moves.

Nice moves

"We tell jokes! I do tricks with my fellow candlesticks."

Seal stretch

Molly is one of the smallest in her class. The class she was supposed to be in didn't have enough girls, so they combined it with the next class up. She did great, though.

Small one

"Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot?"

Oh my goodness



Beautiful dancing, Molly.

Nice job

Ready to kick.

Kick line

Finishing pose.

Finishing pose

Grams joined us for the performance.

With Grams

Leah was still in a mood after the show, but we eventually got her to cheer up a bit.

Finally cheered up

You can see the video of both performances here.

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