Our little flower girl

We headed to Atlanta this weekend to attend Mike and Mary's wedding, which featured Molly as the flower girl. We flew in on Friday and then headed to the church for the rehearsal. Molly was very excited.


Not only did we get to join in the wedding festivities, we also got to see cousins. Molly and Leah were thrilled when Emmie showed up.

Cousin time

The rehearsal dinner was held in a great outdoor space, and included yummy barbeque from Jim 'N Nick's. After dinner, Brian (Mike's dad) made sure to embarrass Mike with a walk through his life so far.


They also had some fun stuff for kids of all ages, including these foam swords.


There were also quilt squares that guests could sign or decorate, which Jan (Mike's mom) plans to put together for the bride and groom.

Quilt squares

A bunch of cousins. They cross generations and don't include others, but I believe the one thing they have in common is that they were all unmarried (at least for the next few hours).


Our little flower girl on the day of the wedding, just after putting on her dress and having her hair braided.

Ready to go

I made the majority of Molly's dress in March, but finally brought out the machine again last week (after packing it away while selling the house) to finish the dress for Saturday's wedding. Mary sent the sash to match the bridesmaid dresses.

The key skill required for being a flower girl is patience. Molly was outstanding in this regard. Here she is patiently waiting for pictures to begin before the wedding.

Waiting patiently

Molly posing with the bride and groom.

With the bride and groom

Each bridesmaid had a bouquet with a different color of daisy. Molly was very excited that her bouquet had flowers of all the colors of the bridesmaids.


When Molly was in the picture, people would often try to get her to smile. So, when she was done being in pictures, she decided to help the photographer out in getting others to smile. She made an excellent assistant.


The four of us, ready for the wedding to start.


Final instructions before heading down the aisle.

Final instructions

Here comes our little flower girl.

Flower girl

She made it. Now we just need the bride.

Up front

Molly did a great job standing still and paying attention at the front for the entire ceremony. She even laughed at the pastor's jokes.


After the wedding picture with cousins and grandparents.

Cousins and grands

Lots of flower girls across the generations. Anne was Susan's, Michelle and I were Anne's, Maggie was Michelle's, Maddie was mine, and Molly now joins the group.

Generations of flower girls

In addition to the wedding cake at the reception, they also had blue velvet cupcakes (because red velvet just doesn't work with Auburn and Georgia Tech grads!). Molly, of course, mostly focused on the icing.


Leah caught the ear of her Uncle J.

Deep conversation

And finally, a bubble send-off for Mr. and Mrs. Batson!

Bubble send-off

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