Centennial Park Field Trip

Chad chaperoned a field trip with Molly's kindergarten class to nearby Centennial park. Howard County Recreation and Parks put on a very good nature program for the kids. They started by passing around some animal things, such as this fox fur.

Centennial Park Field Trip

Molly's favorite thing was this turtle shell.

Turtle shell

The kids then headed out to a field to catch some bugs. Molly and Alia found a small beetle. Chad was impressed that all the kids got into it and no one was scared of the bugs.

Bug catching

It was nice to have a little father-daughter lunch.

Lunch time

They then walked down to the lake to look at all the birds there. They saw ducks, geese, blue herons, and many other birds.

Water fowl

There was also some time where all the kids made their own butterfly craft. Alia seems impressed with Molly's.

A craft

After the program was over, all the kids flew to the playground. It's quite a site to see 80 or so kindergartners in tie-dye shirts attack a playground with full force.

Play time

Molly was all over the place, having lots of fun.

Hi Molly


Molly's class, hot and sweaty, ready to head back to school.

The class

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  1. G'mom says:

    What a fun way to spend the day with your class and your dad!

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