A trip to the Zoo

We went to the National Zoo on Memorial Day (which was so crowded they had to close the parking lot within 30 minutes of opening). Our first stop was the Great Ape House to check out the gorillas and orangutans. When we left the house, we found that a couple of the orangutans were climbing high above our heads. It was very cool.

Orangutan crossing

Our next stop was the carousel. The girls always want to ride on the carousel when Chad's around, as I get motion sick and consequently won't ride them.


One of the animals the girls were excited to see was the flamingo. So, Molly made a beeline to ride on one when they let her through the gate.

Flamingo ride

Of course, Leah couldn't just smile nicely at me while I was trying to take a picture.

Wacky Leah

Looking at lions and tigers is fun.

Having fun

Hi down there, Leah.

Hi down there

Turtles are fun too.


Along the new American Trail, near the seals and sea lions, they had a splash pad with a small tidal wave. Molly loved it. Leah, not so much.

Splashing around

Molly got up close and personal with a couple of California sea lions.

Sea lions

Leah enjoyed being inches away from this meerkat while it was playing with its makeshift toy made from a toilet paper roll and a couple of Dixie cups.

Meerkat manor

The girls ended their day posing in the zoo sign with their new stuffed panda bears.

Zoo sign

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