Spring is in the air

We've tried to take advantage of some nice, Spring days lately and play outside. Molly tried skating a bit.

Roller skating

She then moved on to biking for the first time this season. She had some trouble here, though we did eventually figure out that she needed the seat raised, the tires inflated, and one of the training wheels adjusted. Once that was done she had a much easier time.

A bit of biking

We had some fun throwing the disc around as well, though Leah didn't exactly throw this one very close to her target (Daddy).


At some point, Leah decided she didn't want to throw the Frisbee any more for no apparent reason.

A little pouting

It didn't take her long to cheer back up, though.

Cheered up

The most fun game of the afternoon was likely "pull the tree branch." This involves a child standing on a step stool and pulling a tree branch, pretending to be a monster.

Pull the tree branch

And if you really pull the tree branch down, you can…


…let go of the branch and watch it spring up into the air.

Let go...

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  1. G'mom says:

    Love all these great spring pictures! Molly and Leah are having such fun outside!

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