Loving on Olive

Our friends, Eric and Christy, welcomed a little cutie into their family in December. We were all set to meet Miss Olive the day after Christmas, but snow arrived and we had to cancel. When it snowed again this Wednesday, I was worried our plans would be thwarted again. Thankfully, the snow was gone the next morning and we finally got to meet Olive. Leah loves babies, so she was very excited to get to hold her.

Hello Olive

Leah also wanted to read to Olive. I'm not sure what part of Moo Baa La La La is so intense to warrant Leah's face, but I'm glad she's putting her all into it.

Thrilling book

We kept reminding Leah to be gentle with Olive. Using only one finger is as gentle as it gets.


I also brought Olive a little gift. Back in December, I was asked to pattern test these overalls, which I agreed to do even though I had no baby to be my model. It's hard to imagine sweet little Olive big enough to wear them, but she'll be super cute when she does!

Overalls for Olive


  1. emk says:

    Glad a visit finally worked out!! 🙂

  2. G'mom says:

    Fun to see “big” Leah and “little” Olive together! Leah is definitely an expressive girl! I’m sure she’ll be a great babysitter someday!

  3. Aunt Jan says:

    Seems like Leah is not unlike her mommy and her Aunt Michelle. I recall the two of you always being anxious to hold and love on the Batson babies as they came along. I’m pretty sure that somewhere I have a photo of you holding a little bitty Michael.

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