I’m dreaming of a white…pine?

We again returned to Greenway Farm to cut down our Christmas tree. We took a family vote and opted to try out a white pine this year.

A new kind of tree

Molly thought this little tree was the cutest! She kept saying, "Mom, it's so little!"

Mom, it's so little!

Chad picked out a good saw this year and cut the tree down in no time.

Cutting down the tree

That evening, it was time to decorate our new tree. Molly put on the first ornament.

First ornament

The daddy ladder is sometimes required to reach the higher parts of the tree.

Up high

Leah was much more into putting ornaments on the tree this year than in years past.

Leah, too

All decorated and ready for Christmas. This is the earliest we've ever put up our tree, thanks to our very eager Kindergartener. We're hoping that we don't have a Charlie Brown tree come Christmas Day!

Our tree

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