Sharing the candy love

As we did last year, the girls participated in the Halloween candy buy-back program at our dentist office. The girls were told that they could each keep 15 pieces of candy.

Counting candy

Molly made sure to count her 15 pieces, as well as the pieces that she was going to donate.

Double checking her count

Ms. Melissa helped the girls weigh their candy and rewarded them with a thank-you goody bag and $1 coin. When I asked the girls if they wanted to donate part of their candy again, Molly was most excited about the goody bag!

Handing it over

Dodek Dental also set up a table to draw thank you cards to be included with the candy. The donated candy will be part of Operation Gratitude's care packages sent to deployed US Military.

Thank you cards

Molly was very intent on getting her card just right for the soldiers.

Getting it just right

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