Field trip to the farm

Chad chaperoned Molly's class to a nearby farm with a pumpkin patch. Before leaving, Ms. Colella talked about the animals they'd see and read a story about pumpkins.

Field trip to the farm

It was a tight squeeze on the bus, so Chad shared a seat with Molly and her friend Catherine.

Riding the bus with Catherine

After a talk about the farm, it was time for a hay ride on a beautiful day. It's hard to believe it's late October with 80 degree days.

So much fun

They even rode through a stream. The kids had to get a peak at the approaching water. Molly was a bit worried that they might sink.

Into the water

She picked corn, cotton, and a pumpkin, though she doesn't seem too sure of her choice in this picture.

We have a winner?

Molly was even brave enough to feed this goat some corn out of her hand.

Feed the goats

On the way home, several kids took a little snooze after a busy day. Molly snuggled up and closed her eyes, though she never actually fell asleep.

Sleeping on the bus

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