Three is a magic number

Leah had lots of presents and a yummy cupcake at her party on Saturday, but her actual birthday was Sunday. So, we kept on celebrating!

I made Leah a super hero cape. I think that face means she likes it?

Super Leah

She couldn't wait to see what's in this box from Grandaddy and Betty.

The anticipation!

It's an Uglydoll. Looks pretty funny to me too.

An Uglydoll

Despite all the great presents, the thing she couldn't stop playing with all day was this card from Aunt EA. It has a pop up cake inside and sings "IIIIIt's aaaaaaa paper cake. A really big paper cakeā€¦"

The hit of the day

If you didn't get the idea from the video, Leah loves the whole candles/singing part of her birthday.

She loves this part

So excited

Since I did all the baking on Saturday, I picked up cupcakes and pastries from Linda's Bakery for dessert. They did not disappoint! Molly inhaled her cupcake, but some large portions of it missed her mouth and ended up on her face.

You're a mess

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