It’s Leah’s turn now

Leah's been watching Molly head off to school for years now, so she was more than excited to start school too! Yesterday was her first day at My First School. It's two hours twice a week through Recreation and Parks and is the perfect way to ease her in to school since she won't start Kindergarten for three years given her mid-September birthday.

First day of preschool

Before we even entered the classroom, Leah was asking if I could leave. Ha! She ran right in and immediately sat down to start working with the playdough.

Getting to work

She definitely had a fun first day at preschool!

A fun day

Molly and I had a birthday party to attend last night, so Chad and Leah decided to head out for a sweet treat after dinner to celebrate the day!

Treat with Daddy

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  1. Aunt 'Chelle says:

    So cute! Loce her excitement and also her headband 🙂

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