Football means family time

We gathered at Grams and Pop's house on Saturday for the Auburn-LSU game. Leah was not as entertained by the football game, so she decided to show me her love - upclose and personal.

Up close

Even closer

Aunt EA is an LSU grad so she and her boyfriend, Scott, joined us as well. We all of course came in full Auburn spirit, and the girls were definitely into cheering. Scott then started playing Angry Birds on his iPad with Leah, and told EA that he was distracting part of our cheering section.


Grammy visited as well, but would have preferred to watch the Georgia game as she's a Georgia alum. So, Scott handed her his iPad with the WatchESPN app so she could watch a bit of her team. Fun to see an octogenarian finding today's technology useful.

Technology for everyone

After Scott tired of Leah constantly shooting the angry birds backwards, they moved onto some light reading.

Reading with Scott

Aunt EA makes a nice place to rest your head.

Totem pole

Despite all this school spirit, Auburn came up short, losing 12-10. That said, after a horrible start to the season, coming that close against the #2 team in the nation was a huge improvement. So, War Eagle!

Nice hair

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  1. Michelle says:

    Cute pictures! Can’t wait to meet Scott one day!

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