First day of Kindergarten

Molly started Kindergarten today! She's wearing the same dress that her Aunt Caroline wore on her first day of Kindergarten. Grams made it, and the smocking plate is even called Kindergarten Scissors.

First day of kindergarten

Walking to the bus stop. Thankfully, it's at the end of our street, so it's not a long walk.

Walking to the bus stop

Molly is not scared of this one bit. She's so ready to go!


A quick photo op with Mom and Leah while waiting for the bus.

The girls

Molly said that she was very excited, and that her friend Kaylin was so excited too that she was jumping up and down. Then, she demonstrated for us.

Jumping for joy

The bus is here! She was very eager to check out her bus and find a seat.

Finding her seat

Off she goes, in her seat grinning from ear to ear as the bus pulls away. I held it together until waving to her on the bus, then walked home in tears.

Off she goes

At the end of her first day, Molly got off the bus, ran to me exclaiming, "Mom! I had so much fun!"

I had so much fun!

We're off to a great school year!


  1. G'mom says:

    Love all the pictures of this Big Day! I’m so glad Molly was excited from beginning to end! She wore the perfect dress too! Those big grins tell the whole story! Happy Kindergarten!

  2. Michelle says:

    What great pictures! Love her smile and excitement!!

  3. Katy Bordes says:

    Molly is precious! I’m so glad she enjoyed her first day of Kindergarten 🙂

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