First time for fireworks!

We decided to take the girls to see fireworks on the 4th of July for the first time. It meant staying up way past bedtime (which is normally not something we do in our house), but we threw caution to the wind and headed out. We joined Simon, Matilda, Keira, and Maya (as well as their parents) at UMBC to see the Catonsville fireworks.

Independence Day celebration

We brought blankets, chairs, and snacks for pre-show fun on the UMBC field. This picture was taken before the sprinklers on the field came on and sent people running for cover. Thankfully, we were near the edge of the sprinkler range, so only got a little wet and only had to scoot a few yards to reach dry land.


Before the fireworks started, many of the others around us set off their own small fireworks. The kids thought this was great. They cheered and screamed for each one, and then immediately chanted for another when it was done.


Once it got dark enough, Stacie broke out glow wands and bracelets which were a huge hit, of course.


Here's Molly with a glow necklace, a glow bracelet, and a glow wand in her hair.

Glow, Molly, glow

The fireworks were perfect. Close enough to see well without being so close as to scare the kids.


Red, white, and green

Red, white, and blue

We'll definitely make this a tradition. The girls had a great time, and did remarkably well considering the very late evening.


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