A week full of birthdays

Aunt Caroline turned 21. While we gave her cooking related gifts, Aunt EA gave her something more specific to this particular milestone. That's 71 airplane bottles of assorted alcohol. She said the idea was to give Caroline a variety of things to try to figure out what she likes.

Happy 21st

The party was not just for Aunt Caroline, but for Grams and Pop as well. Grams was immediately excited to get these cupcake stands, though it took a bit of explaining before she appreciated the solid state drive we gave her as well.

Happy birthday Grams

We celebrated Pop's birthday as well. This celebration took place at our house instead of Chad’s parents, as their power had been out for two days due to the derecho that knocked out power to over 1 million people in the Washington area.

Pop too

The birthday peeps and Pop's two helpers blow out the candles.

Second try

The icing from the cupcakes seemed to be specially formulated to stain lips.

Sweet lipstick

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