While we were away…

What were the girls up to, you ask? My parents graciously offered to come stay with them while we were in the Bahamas. They had as much fun as we did!

They went to several different playgrounds…

Rockin' playtime

Happy just playing

Checked out the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit at Port Discovery

Going on a Spud Quest

A big spud

Then spent an hour in the Wonders of Water exhibit.

If everybody had an ocean...

Window washers

Playing at the pool was another "must do" activity. They went twice over the weekend.

Relaxing by the pool

Don't let the water get you

Bathing suit beauties

G'Mom worked her pool magic and Leah was finally willing to swim a bit all by herself!

All by herself

And they popped in for a quick visit with Grams and Pop.

Grams, Pop, and the girls

The girls did great without us for 5 days, with no tears or sadness about being apart for longer than ever before. That said, they were very excited to see us when we walked in the door. And we were just as excited to see them.

Mommy and Daddy are home!

You can see more pictures from their days of fun here on Flickr. Thanks again G'Mom and Grampa for watching the girls. They loved every minute of it!

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  1. emkenton says:

    Looks like wonderful adventures for all! So fun!! Glad (and totally envious) that you got to escape! 🙂 Happy 10 years!

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