Our Bahamian Adventure, Part II

Our days got progressively more relaxing. On Sunday, we went on an all day island sailing cruise with Barefoot Sailing. The day began with a great sail for around 2 hours.

Barefoot sailing

We got the best seats in the house - on the back of the boat. Much less spray and great views. There were only 8 customers on the boat, plus the captain and first mate, making for a great experience.

Relaxing sail

We arrived at Rose Island and went snorkeling before lunch (which was a delicious barbecue of chicken and ribs cooked on the back of the boat). Chad had a "bathing suit" for his camera (as described by a boat-mate), which allowed for some good snorkeling pictures.

Snorkeling at Rose Island

Chad snorkeling

We snorkeled along a lovely coral reef.

Coral reef

We saw a very large (perhaps a foot and a half across) bright yellow sea star (aka starfish).

Big sea star

I have no idea what they're called, but there were lots of these flat leaves in many different colors.

Flat things

After snorkeling and eating our delicious lunch on the boat, we headed over to the island and climbed these steps cut out of the rock to get to the beach on the other side.


After climbing the steps, we followed a short path that led to this great beach.

Path to paradise

Here's the beach at the end of the path. Incredibly clear, beautiful water and no one aside from our boat-mates in sight.

Secluded beach

While I found some shade after absorbing some sun, Chad ventured out into the ocean to take a picture looking back at the beach.

Looking back at the beach

Nassau has lots of places selling you trinkets and junk, but we heard about this place, Bahama Hand Prints, from a fellow scuba diver. They design and create screen printed fabrics that are fantastic. We got to talk to and watch them making this fabric (which will be used in a new line of bags they're working on).

Bahama Handprints

They have a boutique where they sell clothing and home decor, but they also sell fabric. There's a bit of it in the boutique, but a lot more back in the work room. Chad allowed me to indulge in some fabric to make the girls dresses. It's a lot pricier than the discount stuff I get at home, but it is worth it after seeing the authentic Bahamian craftsmanship that went into making it.

Fabric rack

We had a fantastic time being just "Chad and Jen." There are more pictures from our trip here on Flickr.


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