Now on stage…

As Chad mentioned, the girls had their first ballet recital this weekend. Here's Leah and her class of little ducks looking incredibly cute at rehearsal.

Little ducks

Leah's definitely got the moves.

Nice dancing, Leah

Here's Molly's class rehearsing their dance to "If You Believe" from "The Whiz."

Molly's class

On recital night, the stage looked the same, but the audience was a lot bigger. Leah's on the lookout to find all of her fans in the sea of faces. In fact, she wandered off toward the front of the stage at one point during the performance looking through the audience to find her family. You never know what will happen when you put a 2 year old on stage, but Leah did great.

Recital night

Molly, with her dance partner. It's important to curtsy and bow before beginning the dance.

Molly and her dance partner

So graceful.

Nice move

Molly loved every minute of dancing.

Around and around

Did I mention that the girls had some fans?

Lots of flowers

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