Glen Mar had a Field Day!

Our church had a Field Day on Sunday afternoon. So, naturally the first thing to do is excavate fossils, right?.

Fossil dig

The sugar rush began with cotton candy. Yum!

Cotton candy, yum!

Then they moved on to snow cones. Aunt Caroline came to hang out for a bit. She was great at holding Leah's hair out of her face to make snow cone eating easier.

Snowcones too

Leah didn't want to be left out of the jumping rope fun.

She can jump rope

Chasing friends with bubbles is fun too!

Bubbles with friends

These may be for spinning, but Leah found them to be relaxing seats.


Or you can have your friends spin you around.

Spin me, Simon

Leah enjoyed the slides and tunnels on the playground too.

Slides are fun

Tunnel vision

Thanks Glen Mar for a fun field day! Let's make this an annual event, ok?!

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  1. G'mom says:

    Fun, fun, fun! And what a beautiful day for everyone to be outside! Can’t wait to be with you!

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