Top Dog

Friday was a big day for Molly in school. In addition to being the birthday girl, she was also the Top Dog. In her preschool, each kid gets a week to be the Top Dog during which they wear a special vest and get special treatment. At the end of the week, they have a special celebration and invite parents and siblings to join in.

Jen was already helping out in class that day. Leah and I joined them with an hour to go in the school day. The kids were still doing daily activities and Leah got to join in the fun by dying some eggs and decorating them with stickers.

Leah at preschool

Since I was going to be there anyway, I offered to bring my guitar and sing some songs with the kids as I've done a couple times already this year. So, after the kids finished their activities, we sang some songs (BINGO, Down By the Bay, If You're Happy and You Know It, and The Hokey Pokey). Then we had snack time, culminating in singing Happy Birthday and having cupcakes.

After cupcakes, it was time for Molly's Top Dog presentation. When she was selected as Top Dog, we were given a book to fill out with pictures of her and her family, what she likes to do, favorite toys, favorite foods, and what she wants to be when she grows up. Here she is presenting that book to the class. After presenting her book, she is presented with bones that each of the kids have written on saying nice things about her.

Our Top Dog

While Leah was supposed to sit and watch the presentation, she ended up standing up next to Molly for much of it.

With her sidekick

Oh, and in case you missed what Molly wanted to be when she grew up - she said she wants to be an Auburn cheerleader. We haven't really asked this question until this book prompted us to, but she's consistently had the same answer every time.

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  1. G'mom says:

    What an awesome day you had, Molly! I know you were excited to have all of your family share your Top Dog presentation! We love you so much! G’mom

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