Potty Boot Camp, Round 2

We were successful potty training Molly using The Potty Boot Camp method, so we decided to try it again with Leah. We did it over Spring Break since most activities were cancelled and I could be home with her for several days.

The idea is simpleā€¦set the child on the potty frequently to increase the chances that they are successful. If they are successful, reward them and allow a longer gap between potty times, increasing the time intervals over several days.

Leah happily went to the potty every time "Mr. Egg" dinged. She loved reading books and singing songs on the potty. We quickly learned that Leah has an amazing bladder and can hold it much longer than we expected. Unfortunately for her, that ability also meant having to succumb to a high fiber diet four days in to get her little body going.

Eight days into potty training, we gave Leah an ultimatum. If she could stay in the same underwear all day, then she could have a new pair of rain boots and an umbrella. She did it and was very excited to get her prize!

Potty training prize

After two weeks of training, we've slowly figured out her schedule. We're still working on pooping on the potty, and she's not sleep trained yet, but we're on our way to a diaper free home! Hooray!

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  1. G'mom says:

    Yea for Boot Camp and Leah! You go, girl!

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