Our Easter celebration

Easter morning, Molly and Leah awoke to baskets full of fun.

Easter morning

As usual, Leah had to run over to Chad with each thing in her basket to exclaim what she found. I'm guessing this is "Look Dad, jellybeans!"


The girls got to hunt for eggs again (thanks to Aunt Caroline and Charles) at Grams and Pop's house after Easter lunch.

Hunting on Easter

After hunting for eggs, the girls broke out their bubble wands from their Easter baskets and had lots of fun as usual.

Bubble wands

Once the bubbles have been created, it's important to go after them.

Bubble stalking

The bubbles need to fly higher than that to escape Molly.


After hunting for eggs, it's also important to check out your haul. These eggs were great as they had toys and stickers instead of more candy.

The goods

Leah immediately wanted to put stickers on herself. Mickey and Donald for her hands, then Goofy for her forehead.

Adorned with stickers

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