Fun times at the water table

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we spent a bunch of time in the yard. Of course, the girls went to their favorite activity - the water table.

More water table fun



Leah's still improving in the potty training arena, so we have a prize box for when she successfully executes number 2. While playing outside, she had her first success in days and and got this fun tiger squeeze toy. It was perfect timing, as it was great for squirting water at the water table.

Fun new toy

Molly's on the run, moving fast. Leah is trying to keep up, but just can't. So, she has to resort to yelling, "Sttoooooppppppppp!"

Too fast

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  1. G'mom says:

    It’s looks like the water table has really come in handy these warm days! I love all the activity – cute suits too!

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