I love my bed!

We transitioned Leah into her big girl bed this weekend. She keeps saying "I love my bed!"

No more crib

My aunt made Leah's new quilt. Molly noticed that the fabric matched the valance I made a few months ago. Nice observation kiddo!

Leah's new quilt

Like I did for Molly, I painted Leah's letters to match her new room.

Painted letters

Here's the completed room, using Chad's new ultra-wide lens to capture all four walls.

The completed room

I kept thinking that we were transitioning Leah much earlier this time. Turns out, Molly was actually 1 day younger when we transitioned her.

The first night went great, except that Chad accidentally set the alarm when resetting the clock and it went off at midnight! Thankfully she went right back to sleep.

And both girls are sticklers when it comes to routine, so we've had to work through a few issues like the new step stool at the end of Leah's bed and the new lamp on her dresser. Funny enough, the new bed has been welcomed with lots of smiles and bouncing fun.


  1. G'mom says:

    I love your new bed too, Leah! Your mommy and daddy are so excited for you – and I know they worked hard to make your room become a Big Girl bedroom! Can’t wait to be with all of you this weekend! I love you!

  2. Grampa says:

    Somebody is growing up!!! New bed, new activities. Great job Leah. Love the new bed and the ballet. Grampa.

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