Celebrating with Emmie

We flew to Birmingham to celebrate Emmie's 3rd birthday. It didn't take long upon our arrival before the girls all headed to the play room. Nice shoes, Leah!

Nice shoes, Leah

Emmie is so intent on using her computer that she has no idea Molly is about to give her a trim.

Surprise haircut

Grampa was appointed head book reader at bed time.

Night-time reading

Emmie was insistent on having a flower party, so Aunt 'Chelle got creative with the flower theme.

A flower party

Naturally, Molly and Leah were eager to assist with the present opening.

Present opening assistants

Time for cake!

Blowing out the candles

It was finger lick in' good!


Leah took a quick break from the party festivities to assemble the alphabet with G'mom.

Assembling the alphabet

Emmie also got a kite, which was then of course flown. Apparently it's just as much fun to run after someone flying a kite as it is to fly it yourself.

Kite flying

Molly flying with Tate chasing. An image of timeless childhood.

Kids running with a kite

Leah thought the flower balloons needed a bit of love.

Balloon love

The girls were finally all together to wear the Christmas jammies I made them. It was like Christmas Eve in January.

Late Christmas

Emmie may be one of the few kids her age that knows what a chalkboard is. For those who don't, it's an upright display you write on with chalk while you stick out your tongue.

Writing on the board

Baby rings can turn into steering wheels when you get older.

Driving is fun

And the post the baby ring comes from can become a microphone.

Is this on?

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