My Handmade Holidays, Day 4

After seeing several posts in the crafting blogosphere about these Land of Nod inspired floor cushions, I decided that all the girls needed them. The first one I made was for Emmie. Leah saw the picture and asked, "It's a cake?"

Floor cushion

My girls love theirs! They sit on them to watch movies, and have been seen bouncing off of them once or twice too.

Molly's floor cushion

Leah's floor cushion


  1. […] Here’s Molly opening some books from G’Mom and Grampa while sitting on her new floor cushion. […]

  2. Diana says:

    These are so cute! I had seen them and not even thought about sewing them. You did a great job and love the fabrics! Do you mind sharing where you found the pattern? thanks, Diana

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