Our Halloween festivities

Molly's class gave a show for the parents during their Halloween party, including a costume parade.

Costume parade

Grams made the girls these Halloween dresses. Leah wasn't sure about hers, but Molly wore hers 4 days in a row after receiving it.

Halloween dresses

This is what happens when Molly gives Daddy bunny ears behind the camera.


On Halloween, our first stop was to trick-or-treat at Grams and Pop's house.

First Trick-or-treat stop

Molly is dressed as a princess (Cinderella to be precise) and Leah is a pea. So, we had The Princess and the Pea.

The princess and the pea

I made Leah's costume. Unfortunately, Leah repeated "I don't yike it" over and over while crying when we tried to put it on. Eventually, we talked her into donning it by emphasizing that it would lead to candy.

A little pea

Grams and Pop are known for giving out full-size candy bars, and Leah picked a Kit Kat bar. She loved getting it, and kept carrying it around exclaiming "It's my Kit Kat" to us. After starting in a bad mood, the Kit Kat was what turned her mood around.

My Kit Kat

Girls and grands

We then headed to Keira and Maya's house to do some trick-or-treating with them and Simon and Matilda. Here are all the kids ready to go.

Trick or treaters

Molly's now an expert trick-or-treater, so she managed pretty much on her own.



Leah needed a little help, but did great and lasted the whole time (though she did dump her candy in Daddy's backpack half way through to lighten the load).

A little help

Lined up and waiting.

Lined up

Despite usually saying I don't do it, Mommy is capable of carrying on shoulders. Leah is clearly enjoying the ride and her animal crackers snack.


The pea costume was stuffed well, which meant Leah sometimes lost the bottom part of her face in it.

You're missing your chin

After we got back, Matilda played calmly with a tea cup.

Calm play

I'm sure that's what all the kids are doing, right…

maybe not. The older kids were pretty wound up (as you might expect).

Wild and crazy

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