A trip to the Smokies

We headed to Gatlinburg, TN to gather with the Batson extended family for Thanksgiving. We arrived on G'mom's birthday, so we had to celebrate. Here G'mom is receiving her fantastic birthday hat Aunt 'Chelle made for her.

Happy birthday G'Mom

The morning of Thanksgiving we hiked up a mountain to see a waterfall (and burn some calories before the feast!).

Hiking up the mountain

Posing with the waterfall

Molly got a lot of extra time with G'mom and Grampa since we allowed her to have "special" days with no naps.

Fun with Candy Land

The girls are still not fond of big or active dogs, but Max is neither of these. Max enjoyed sitting quietly on Dot's lap, and Leah thought that made him the perfect dog to pet.

Petting Max

The house we rented had a pool table, which was lots of fun for adult and child alike.

Pool fun

The Batson clan (well, almost all of us).

The Batson family


  1. emkenton says:

    my prediction: we’ll be seeing a christmas card pic with two cute girls in red snowman dresses!?!

  2. Aunt Jan says:

    Great pics, as always. It was fun visiting together in Gatlinburg.

    Was there a pic made of Ann’s family, and is Will working on merging it with the family pic?

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