A sweet way to make everyone smile

The girls raked in a lot of candy at Halloween, but we didn't keep it all. We decided to keep a bit, and donate the rest to send to soldiers overseas. The girls picked out 15 pieces of candy each to keep for themselves.

Choosing candy

Our new dentist's office participates in the Halloween Candy Buy Back program and was collecting candy to send off. Here the girls are presenting their stash.

Candy donation

Every time we talked about sending candy to the soldiers, Molly would call them knights instead. I thought this was adorable. The dentist's office had cards for the girls to color to send with the candy, so of course Molly and Leah thought it was appropriate to put a castle on the card (it was going to the knights, after all).

Cards for the knights

Because they donated more than 1 pound of candy each, the dentist's office rewarded them with a silver dollar, a new toothbrush and a few Halloween trinkets including these glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth. This is Molly being scary.

Scary teeth

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  1. G'mom says:

    Molly and Leah, this is so special for you to give back to our American “knights”! I love the picture of both of you placing your Trick or Treat bags on the counter at the dentist office! We’re never too young (or old) to share with others! I love you! G’mom

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