More family fun

Our family was going in three different directions the morning of Leah's party. Chad played a tennis tournament that weekend, including an early morning match before the party. Uncle J tagged along to watch and be our event photographer.

Tennis tournament

At the same time, Molly had her first Fall ballet class. So, Aunt 'Chelle, Emmie and G'Mom took her. Here Molly is showing how she leaves class by demonstrating her curtsy.

A curtsy for you

That evening, G'Mom and Grampa watched all three girls so that the parents could have a night out. The girls enjoyed reading with Grampa before Leah went to bed.

Bedtime stories

A Sunday afternoon photo op.

Girls and Grands

Hold on girls!

Hold on Emmie!

Hold on Leah!

While Molly was at preschool on Monday, the littlest girls had playtime at the playground.

Littlest girls playtime

The train is a good place to sit and talk it out with G'Mom.

Train talk

Just Leah and her mom.

Leah and Mom

Emmie and Molly had fun helping G'Mom bake cookies. Though, all Molly really wanted to do was lick the spoon!

Cookie helpers

A good rainy day activity? Swimming, or swinging, in the hotel pool.

Swimming or swinging?


  1. G'mom says:

    Great photos – and folks wonder what we do when we get together and just “hang out”!

  2. Dawn says:

    Jen, I just wanted to say that you look great! And that picture of Emmie and Leah holding hands on the slide is absolutely precious 🙂

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