Harvest helpers

Our Young Adult group headed to First Fruits Farm to pick apples. The farm is dedicated to growing fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the hungry. Volunteers come in and harvest; the farm then donates the food to the Maryland Food Bank, soup kitchens and shelters. We were going to be harvesting potatoes, but we ended up picking apples due to the excessive rain this week.

First Fruits Farm

In case you were wondering, those are McIntosh apples.

Christy picking happily

Diana picking down low.

Diana picking down low

Reach, Eric!

Reach, Eric

Ladders can make anyone feel tall :)

Topping the tree

Looking down from above.

Looking down from above

Apples make you smile.

Apples make you smile

Chad's long arms helped out with some of the harder to reach apples.

Me in a tree

Susan needed no ladder, as she showed her tree climbing expertise.

Susan the tree climber

I believe Christy is up in the tree while Eric waits on the ground for her to throw apples at… I mean drop apples on… I mean hand apples to him.

Eric on ground duty

Pick the apple...

Pick the apple...

Hand it down.

Hand it down

Frank was a veteran picker, but we didn't see much of him since he spent most of his time hidden amongst the treetops. Chad did manage to sneak a peak at him up there here, though.

Frank hiding in a tree

Thanks to Amy for organizing this service project. We all really enjoyed it and hopefully, we'll get to do it again sometime.

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  1. G'mom says:

    This is an awesome project – great fun and help for others! What a wonderful way to give back to others!

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