Back to School picnic

Molly's preschool had a Back to School picnic at Hammond Park for all the kids and their families. As soon as we got there, Leah was ready to take a spin on the playground (Molly too).

Back to school Picnic

Leah loved going down this big slide, and after several runs she managed to build up enough static electricity to create this hairstyle.

Electrifying fun

There were also organized games, including this sponge race. It was a relay in which players would fill a sponge with water, then race down to another bucket to fill. Molly loved it.

Off to the races

Leah joined in the fun as well.

Little sister participation

Why play on the playground when you can have fun in the water fountain?

Water fountain fun

I don't think they're here to quench their thirst.


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