Yeah, we’re gonna fly

Both Molly and (especially) Leah like to watch Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. When we started talking about flying to see G'mom and Grampa in Memphis the "Gup, Gup and Away" episode became an instant hit. We sang, "Yeah, we're gonna fly. Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly. fly" many, many times during our traveling. Molly was super excited when she was given her own set of Delta wings!

Michelle, Jeremy and Emmie drove up from Birmingham to visit too. We took the girls to the Children's Museum of Memphis, which was packed with fun activities. Here's Leah doing some indoor fishing on the Mississippi River.

Children's Museum of Memphis

The fishing pole was a bit hard to handle, so switching to a net which was much easier for Emmie.

Emmie fishing

Molly is ready to fight some fires.

Fighting fires

Molly's absolute favorite part was launching paper airplanes. She got very good at shooting them and even managed to get it in the target a good bit of the time.

A paper airplane

Leah gave us a puppet show.

Puppet show part two

The museum also had a couple green screens for the kids to have fun with. Who knows where they saw themselves on the monitor, but Chad had some editing fun.

Hello Mr. Bear Cub

An elephant

More to come tomorrow...

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  1. emk says:

    I just read about that show on someone else’s blog the other day. I’d never heard of it! I actually just found out that Nick Jr has Toot and Puddle, too. My brother gave B one of the original books about them (by Hollie Hobbie) and I had no idea there was a show. Thanks, Nick Jr! 🙂

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