Walkin’ in Memphis

All three girls had a blast playing together. Who needs swords when you've got shakers.

Shaker fight

G'Mom and Grampa found this little swing and set it up on their sun porch. Of course, they all constantly wanted to swing.

Indoor swing

Everyone loves a good book.

Reading time

We visited the children's hospital in Memphis, where Grampa works.

Grands and kids

And then headed to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks. It was the fastest march of ducks ever! One minute the elevator door opened and 15 seconds later the duck were in the pool! The other girls eventually tired of the ducks, but Molly couldn't get enough.

The ducks

The girls had lots of fun with balloons, and Leah was determined that she could blow up this one.

Balloon blowing

Cookie baking with G'mom. A little on the sheet, a little in the mouth...

Cookie baking

And just to prove that we were all indeed there.

All of us

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