Did you know I sew?

Really, I do! And I enjoy it. A lot. :) To save on extra expenses, I've made an effort lately to make handmade gifts with the fabric I have on hand.

This reversible pinafore was a baby gift for Tom and Amy. They are expecting a girl in October. I didn't see the invitation until the day before the shower. It was a Project Runway kind of sewing night on this one. Start: 8:00 PM. 4 hours to complete. Make it work, Jen. I was on a roll until the darn elastic, which meant I didn't actually finish until the next morning.

Reversible pinafore

The top is completely reversible and criss-crosses in the back. Once the weather turns cooler, the top can also be worn paired with a long sleeve shirt and jeans to get more wear out of it.

The reverse and backside

I made my friend, Jen, a laptop sleeve for her birthday. When I made one for myself she really liked it, but that was back in January. So, I was making a huge assumption that she still had the same laptop. But she loved it saying it was "another birthday gift o' handmade awesomeness!" If you notice, I tried to be extra crafty on hers and match the fabric pattern. It was my first time trying that. Jen made me laugh when she said, "I can't even do that with wrapping paper!"

Laptop case

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  1. Aunt Jan says:

    Good for you for pattern-matching! But I’ll warn you — now that you know how much better it looks with the pattern matched, you may want to do it with wrapping paper, too. I get anal about that, so it’s much more stress-free to use solid or small print paper! I love to see that you are enjoying sewing so much, Jen!

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