A long roadtrip

We made our annual trek to Savannah to visit Chad's family last week. We flew last year, but decided this year that it had to be our long roadtrip down I-95 again. And it was a long one indeed. Add together ~12 hours on the road, plus a sick child (one girl on each leg!), and you get two very.long.days. However, the three days in the middle were quite pleasant!

The hammock was the favorite destination, and thankfully the aunts frequently obliged the girls' requests to swing. It really is very relaxing.

So relaxing

Grandaddy's dock is also a great place to hang out and relax.


Rocking together

We also spent one morning at Uncle Carl's house swimming. Leah had a great time in the water, while Molly insisted on staying on the steps. I put Leah's head under a few times to get her more comfortable with the water. She always came up shocked, but after a lot of cheering from the crowd, she'd start smiling and say "I did it!"


You can see all the pictures from our visit on Flickr starting here. And if you missed it, a reading from Molly here.

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