Our visit to “Alabana”

We traveled down to Birmingham (in "Alabana" as Molly likes to say) to spend Easter with my family.

It didn't take long for the girls to get started on some cousin play. We spent lots of time playing on the back porch.

Porch play

Playing hard

On Saturday morning, we all went to a nearby playground for some fun.

Sliding at the playground

Swinging in the sun

What's down there?

Making oatmeal cookies was a must-do for Saturday evening.

Making cookies

And the Easter Bunny did manage to find us in Alabama.

Easter morning

The Batson family

After church, Uncle J organized an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard.

Egg hunt

It was busy day, but Leah found a great spot to relax and listen to Uncle J's music.

Chilling out music


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