Spring has sprung (well, not technically, but you know what I mean)

This week, it's started to look like Spring. So, we took advantage of the better weather and headed down to the playground by our house after nap time.

Leah loves the slide, and went down as many times as she could squeeze into our visit. Each time she'd get to the bottom, she'd run around to the stairs to climb straight back up so that she could go down again.

Sliding at the playground

Jen started out catching Leah at the bottom, but then Molly asked if she could catch Leah. The catch turned out to be a very sweet hug.

Can I catch her?

Molly wanted to play in the sandbox, but she didn't want to get sand in her shoes. So, she stood on the side and built some sort of house.


I tried to get pictures of Leah before sliding down several times, but she was very focused on sliding down as quickly as possible. I did manage to get her to look at me this one time, though, before she quickly turned back around to slide down.

Oh, Leah

The slide may have been Leah's favorite, but she did swing for a short while. Looks like she's enjoying it.

Swinging with Mommy


  1. Michelle says:

    I love each one of these pix! Molly is cute in her dress! Leah has the sweetest smile on the swing and slide.

  2. Gmom says:

    Leah looks like she’s “in her element” – and Big Sister Molly is so sweet with her! Molly’s dress is so cute! This was definitely “quality family time” to cherish! Lovya!

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