A fun dessert

February 3rd was Elmo's birthday. That evening I brought dinner to my friend, Emily, who recently had a sweet baby girl. I decided to make them a fun dessert in honor of the furry guy. They were a hit with the 3 year old big brother!

And don't worry, I did make cupcakes for my own 3 year old, just not quite as fancy. Though she loved them just as much!

A fun dessert


  1. Michelle says:

    very very cute! great job!

  2. Gmom says:

    Yum – I’m glad you saved some for home!

  3. Amanda says:

    These look great, thanks for sharing

  4. PartyMom says:

    My 1-year old would just DIE over those! Great job!

  5. Lauren says:

    Do you have a followers button? I’ve linked up to subscribe through RSS Feed but can’t find your followers link.

  6. These turned out so cute! I would almost hate to eat something that looked so cute. 😉

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