Eleventh Day of Christmas {crafts}

The focus of this year's Batson Family Christmas was "giving back" to our communities. For the person whose name we drew, we were to select a philanthropy of our choice and donate our time in honor of that person.

I drew my grandmother's name. She is a survivor of breast cancer, so I wanted to use my sewing skills to honor her. In searching for a project, I came across the Cancer Care Center's Dignity Robe Program. The program was started in 2006 to provide women receiving radiation therapy with a better robe than the standard hospital gown. The "dignity robes" have strategically placed Velcro to keep women better covered.

After talking to Arlene Segar, she mailed me two robe kits with pre-cut fabric and Velcro, as well as a sample robe. She included a sweet note saying, "Your grandmother will be very proud of you." And I hope she is!

Dignity robes

Better than the typical gown

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