Seventh Day of Christmas {crafts}

I made my first Buttercup bag in August. So, with one under my belt, I took on making three more.

One for my mom's birthday at the end of November...

Buttercup for G'mom

One for my sister-in-law...

(You might look at this picture and say, "That looks like the same picture she posted in August," and you'd be right, but I promise I did make the same purse again!)

Buttercup bag

And lastly, a bright and bold one for my youngest sister-in-law...

Bright, cheery buttercup

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  1. […] had a couple of ideas for Christmas. One was to make her a new Spring purse. She really liked the previous one I made her, but wanted one more Spring-like. So, like a good daughter, I obliged. […]

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