Princess party

Molly and many of her school friends attended a Princess party and all came dressed for the occasion. Here's Molly at the top of the tower (which yes, is normally a climbing wall).

Princess party

They played lots of princess-themed games. Here the girls are sweeping like Cinderella in a relay race.

Princess games

They were read several princess stories throughout the party.

Princess stories

And finally, the girls went on a treasure hunt through tunnels and over balance beams...

Treasure hunt

which ended a top the castle with princess wands for all!

A top the castle

I made a chef's hat and apron for the birthday girl. Molly happily modeled it, then proceeded to indicate that she needs a hat to match her apron too!

Chef's hat and apron

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  1. Melanie says:

    That is SO cool!! Where was the party? Jillian would love something like that for her birthday I bet.

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