Spelunking at Rio Camuy

Our last day, we ventured to the Rio Camuy Cave Park, the third largest cave system in the world. They have a small part of the system open for tourists, so here we are with our walking tour headphones with the cave behind us.


This is taken from inside the cave looking out one of the openings. There are actually a lot of openings to the cave, meaning that it is slightly naturally lit.

Cave opening

This is the cave as seen when you first enter it. It's really huge. At its tallest, you can fit a 13 story building inside it.

First view of the cave

This is apparently the world's largest stalagmite (and it is huge).

Largest stalagmite

The cave was very cool to look around.

Cool cave

We rented a car to drive to Camuy caverns. That was an adventure in itself! Puerto Rican drivers are very aggressive (turn signals are nonexistent and red lights are optional!), the driving lanes are very narrow, and on our way to return the rental we had trouble finding a gas station that (a) wasn't boarded up and (b) actually took a credit card! It's nice to be home.

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  1. emkenton says:

    I’m sure it IS nice to be home: Puerto Rico is WAY out of your 5-mile radius limit! 🙂 Looks like you guys did all kinds of fun stuff– good for you!

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