Our days in Puerto Rico

For my 30th birthday/our 8th anniversary, I wanted to go on a big trip sans kids, so we've just returned from spending the past few days in Puerto Rico. We stayed at the Marriott Resort in the Condado area of San Juan, right on the beach.

Puerto Rico

The Marriott

We spent one morning wandering around the Condado area of San Juan. Our main destination was the open air market nearby, which wasn't what we were really looking for, but the restaurant outside was perfect for lunch. I enjoyed a fresh pineapple smoothie (though Chad's fresh mango smoothie was better).

Lunch at El Coco de Luis

We actually spent very little time on the beach, as we're not big beach people. It was a nice beach, though, so we checked out the view and relaxed for a few minutes.

The two of us

The beach

Crashing waves

Our best meal was at a restaurant called Ropa Vieja. The below picture is of Chad's meal - Ropa Vieja Mofongo. Ropa Vieja is a Cuban dish of pulled beef (it's the top of this). Mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish made from mashed plantains. My Canoa Picadillo (like a banana split, except using plantains and ground beef) and our shared dessert - Flan Queso (like a cross between cheesecake and flan) were great as well.

Ropa Vieja Mofongo


  1. Gmom says:

    All of these pictures are truly awesome! You should apply for the Amazing Race!

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