Excursion through the rainforest

Our biggest adventure was in the San Salvador rainforest. This was my #1 reason for going to Puerto Rico! It began with a hike up a mountain stream.

Rainforest excursion

Taking a little break to cool off in this little pool along the way up the stream.

Taking a break

We had some fun guides. Two of them can be seen here helping me (or not) climb up this rock face. That's Jorgito at the top and Andres at the bottom having fun.

Fun guides

Chad's favorite part of the adventure came next - rappelling down a waterfall. This picture really doesn't do it justice - it was a pretty long way down (80 feet!). Very, very fun.

Chad rappelling

I was the next to come down the waterfall. Here I am near the top just getting started.

Jen rappelling

A little further down...

Jen continues down

A view of the top of the waterfall.

Top of the fall

After we repelled down the waterfall, we had a short snack break of fresh mango, wild bananas and oranges. Then we moved on to the last part of our excursion - ziplining! If you didn't catch it already, here is a video Chad took while he was on the zip line, then of me zipping toward him.

Ziplining Jen

After the ziplining, we trekked back down the river where we had lunch waiting on us. One of the local families in the rainforest village cooked us an excellent authentic Puerto Rican meal. It was really outstanding! This is the view from the lunch area.

Lunch view

We booked both our kayaking and rainforest adventures through EcoQuest. If you are planning a trip to Puerto Rico, I highly recommend them.

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    Sounds like it was a wonderful trip!

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