First iPhone

And it's not even for me! Chad got a new iPhone 4, so he handed down his iPhone 3G to Molly. We went to the Apple store so she could pick out her own case for it (purple with a flower). She's really enjoyed playing on the iPad, and now she has a device of her own. It's really more of an iPod touch, since there's no active cellular service on it. And don't worry, I'll get my own as soon as I can upgrade!

Edit: Here's a great list of iPod games for tots and preschoolers. Molly is tracing letters with i write words in the picture.

First iPhone

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  1. Melanie says:

    I’m in awe of the technology that these little ones are growing up with. Jillian gets to play with our smartphones and then when we upgrade, she gets our old ones as “toys”.

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